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Method 7

Stimulation fuels progress.

Routine encourages stagnation and boredom

Offer painting orders

Watercolor painting is not just about painting pictures. Think of other avenues that could really inspire you, especially right now, like taking orders.


Whether you paint landscapes, portraits, flowers or abstracts, promoting your work with the idea of ​​getting commissions is a different way to challenge and inspire an artist and can even open up your work to a whole new clientele, which can continue to expand your possibilities in the future.

If you want to know if paint commissions might work for you, try taking great photos of the kinds of subjects you'd be happy to paint on commission and put them together with a simple advertisement to place either in local stores or on the internet. Offer different formats, gifts or offer new paintings already painted.

Try to be creative in your advertising and remember that most people buy a painting based on emotional triggers so why not suggest painting children, pets, a creative painting of a family home or a family home or hometown ?


It's really up to the artist to come up with ideas and make them irresistible!

There are many changes occurring right now.

Decide what kind of change you want in your life 

...and start making it happen !

Watercolour painting THREE BICYCLES  by Janine Gallizia
Watercolour painting Moving on by Janine Gallizia
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