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You have reserved your place in Janine’s LIVE on July 31th

and you want to submit your painting

to get a live critique!

(Attention the places are limited)


  1. You fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

  2. Upload ONE painting (the image must not exceed 15 megabytes in jpeg or pdf format) then click on the "register" button at the bottom of this page.

  3. Add your name and surname as the image file name. I do not need a painting title.

  4. Keep the same e-mail address for the LIVE reservation AND the image to be analyzed.

  5. Deadline for submission of paintings for computer processing: 48 hours before the LIVE time.

The final Monday of each month is a GOLD MINE! Here, I will open the door of my studio, allowing you to benefit from my analysis and experience as a professional artist (20+ years), international judge (15+ years) and international exhibition curator (15+ years). Explaining what you REALLY need to know to get your paintings to a higher level, create visibility and sell your art. In these sessions I invite those who wish to receive a direct online critique to register 1 painting. I will break down your painting's strengths, weaknesses and whatever useful suggestions I can give you to help you see how to progress faster. Watch as I complete approximately 10-15 live painting critiques. My sugestions will be useful to you all.  


Only people who have booked the session on July 31th, 2023 will be able to receive a live critique of their painting. Click                  if it is not already done.


By clicking on the "register" button you expressly agree that your painting will be presented during the session and reviewed during its live broadcast and replay. These critiques are straight to the point, they will highlight the strengths of your painting and also the main weaknesses, if there are any. Janine will also advise you as to which areas of your painting technique need work, if any. Janine will do her best to get through all of the registered images.


In order to obtain an analysis of your painting, you must check the declaration on your honor that the painting you are submitting is your original work. Original means that the work is not a copy/counterfeit of another work, and that if it was made from a photo, it was taken by yourself or that you have the authorization of the author of the photograph for its reproduction in painting.


Of course, if not all the paintings can be presented in the allotted time. The choice of the paintings to be critiqued will be made according to the order of registration. There will be an open critique session on the last Monday of every month.

I would like to get a critique of my work during the LIVE

on July 31th, 2023

Please take a moment to fill out the form.

import your file

Thanks for submitting!

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