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4 weeks to learn how to exhibit your paintings
& sell with success!!!

Work directly with Janine Gallizia for 4 weeks in a personalized watercolour training course that will get you consistently better exhibition/competition & sales results.

IMPORTANT: This is not a painting course. It is a training course to improve your exhibition results.

Many people create good paintings, however almost as many struggle to get their art off the ground in a way that brings them the results they want. Some people find it tough to get their work selected into shows, others are unable to make their paintings stand out in an exhibition or they sell less than they could. The quality of your paintings is actually the least important factor in these cases. Every artist should be thriving right now, the art market is HUGE, if you are not, let's find out WHY and get you started. I will teach you how in 4 weeks.

The Goal of this training

It is possible to move from theory to practice and start improving the results you are achieving immediately, just by making different choices. The goal of this training course is to help you break these blockages, but also actually get you on the right path as we move from theory to practice. This course will walk you through every step required to exhibit your paintings for the first time and get the best results in a real-life setting!! If you already exhibit in shows/competitions we will aim to improve your results and even increase your sales.

This course is only for motivated people who want to progress and better results. It is a personalized training course, I will be working directly with you. So if you want to take your paintings to the next level, exhibit, sell and get better results, but don't know how, this course if ideal for you, and I will help you to achieve this over our 4 week course.  

The training course: I have put together a 4 session personalized training course (you can manage your time) and I will work directly with you, both during the 4 LIVE sessions (or watch the REPLAYS if you can not be present LIVE) and also behind the scenes during the 4 week period.  This course is NOT just theory, I will actually move you towards exhibiting in a real exhibition and get you set up, with all the knowledge you need to be successful.  This is NOT a painting course. We will NOT paint during this course. This course focuses on every you need to know around your painting. If you wish to improve your paintings further, my Monday LIVEs sessions are PERFECT!!! Click here to learn more: 

1 course (goes for 4 weeks), 4 LIVE sessions, (one  every Friday for 4 weeks),

1 x 15-30 minute preparation telephone call with me, PDF documents on all the foundations

we cover during the LIVEs, life-access to the 4 Friday LIVE recordings, the opportunity to ask me any question during these 4 weeks. (Choose the month that suits you; June, July or August.

It is the same course, just different dates. 1 payment only (250 euros for the entire course).

Watercolour painting Isabella's roses by Janine Gallizia

Week 1

How to know if you are ready to exhibit your paintings. 

Follow my personalized plan for you to use based of your goals. I will put this plan together after a conversation with you. It will allow you to 1. know if you are ready to exhibit and answer your questions, and 2. if there are weaknesses in your work and what to do to ensure you and your paintings are ready. 

My advice: A reputation is built over time, but lost very quickly. Ensure you start exhibiting in the strongest manner you can; YOU must create the right path for yourself, don't let it develop by chance, this is the mistake most people make. I will help you do this during the first session of this course.

Week 2

What are the first steps to exhibiting your paintings

You will need to set your first goal. Be clear on the reason why would like to start exhibiting or if you are already exhibit your paintings, and why you would like different results. Here are some reasons to give you an idea of what we are looking for here: You would like to exhibit your paintings for a learning experience, to show your art, to sell your art, to establish yourself as an artist, to get some extra extra cash, for fun... there can be multiple answers, all are important, no judgement is made, we all have different needs, goals and ideas. Once this is determined we will develop this further together during our second session of this course. This is an extremely exciting and stimulating process, be prepared to get motivated!! 

My advice: This step is vital to determine what you want as it will determine everything else that follows, and your success or lack of success in exhibitions. 

Watercolour painting Venice by Janine Gallizia
Watercolour painting by Janine Gallizia

Week 3

How to find an exhibition/gallery/competition ideal for your paintings

This is where we develop a real-life project for you! NOW we start the fun stuff!! Based on the knowledge you have gained in the last 2 sessions you will actually choose a real exhibition that you would like to enter. With my 25 years as a professional artist and 15 years as an international judge I will show you how to know what kind of subject, style, size and price point you should be working with to give you the best possible chance in the exhibition you have chosen. THIS IS INVALUABLE! This includes market research, knowing the public, understanding a judge, knowing how to be ahead of the other artists, how to attract the buyers to your work and of course make your paintings more visible than others in the show. 

My advice: WORK on this!! This is where success is created for ALL artists, it doesn't matter what your level is. Many great paintings are not visible enough in exhibtions, and many amateur paintings are, and they sell! Your level is NOT what counts here, it is all about being adapted to the market (presenting the right painting, in the right show at the right time at the right price) and being visible. Anyone can do this!

Week 4

Now that you know how, what and where to exhibit, what is next? 

Exhibiting your paintings is not everything for an artist. There are many other areas that will affect your work and your success, some of these are: What happens if I get stuck or frustrated and can't move forward? How to maintain my inspiration, reputation and continue to progress? How to know what areas of my paintings and exhibition choices need to progress and when to not become boring? How to know what presentation works best for me (framing, internet visibility or galleries? Give courses/demonstrations or just exhibit?...) How to expand my career outside of my own country? Am I ready? What is stopping me from taking action?... 

My advice: Take your time and develop your art wisely. Learn to make good decisions, not just accept any proposition that comes along. Even if this session seems a little too advanced for you at this stage, trust me, you will be ready for this after the first 3 sessions, so just follow my lead and you will see the results occur :-) !!!

Janine Gallizia portrait

The number of places is very limited.

There are 3 courses available; one in June, one in July, one in August.

Each course lasts 4 weeks as described above. Just choose which month suits you,

you DO NOT need to inscribe in all three! 

The training course will be the same, choose which course month that suits you best.

The Live will take place every Friday afternoon at 2pm Paris, France time.

(Central European Summer Time (GMT+2)).


If you can not participate LIVE you can watch the recording later.

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