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Method 5

New projects bring new ideas !

Book illustration

Another great avenue for artists to stimulate their motivation and inspiration is through book illustration. Especially cookbooks, gardening and travel books or even children's books where the demand for watercolor images is VERY high.

You don't have to write the book yourself, you can pitch your art to publishing agencies, or better yet, find authors who have written about topics in the past that interest you, and contact them directly. Maybe they have a new project they're working on and they need some help with the images.

Remember that when it comes to art, initiative is everything!

However, if you have your own ideas, why not create your own book. It's a fun adventure where your creativity can really run wild!

I edited a children's book years ago called "Red Socks and Broccoli Ice Cream" and honestly, I often found myself laughing alone in my studio while I developed the idea and imùages. It was a very creatively stimulating experience.

​Why not give it a try?

You may just discover a new talent

and a new passion!

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