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Method 4

Painting is a sharing of our experiences and our ideas

Paint with friends!

If you can meet in person, that's great, whether it's inside or on location. If you can't, try to meet via the internet (Skype, Whatsapp, etc.). Stay connected in an online group for an hour or two and simply paint how you feel, while chatting with your friends. The distraction of talking at the same time will allow you to relax, laugh, and slip back into autopilot mode, which means you'll be painting in your usual style without even thinking about it.

Although we paint alone most of the time, it is very important for artists to spend time with other artists and exchange thoughts and ideas. This not only contributes to increasing emulation between artists, but artists tend to get depressed if they have little or no interaction with others, and that causes motivation and inspiration to drop very quickly!

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