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My Online Personalized Watercolour Course & Coaching Program


SO MUCH MORE than just a painting course.

Learn : How to identify your weaknesses & develop your natural style,

plus correct habits stopping you getting the results that you want

TOME is a life-long watercolour training with a professional watercolour artist and international judge


Janine will walk you through every step of the painting process from improving your technique, developing your own style, creating impact with your art to exhibiting and selling with success. Receive personal critiques of your work which identify your strengths and weaknesses and how to progress towards your goals. TOME is a training based around YOUR level, YOUR ideas and YOUR goals. There really is nothing like this out there!


TOME : T – Technique, O – Observation, M – Mind, E – Emotions

(PLUS - The Business behind the Art - This is the Holy Grail of becoming an artist with a successful career is available only in this course)

1. Receive a personal critique of your work :


At the onset of the training, you will receive a professional critique of your paintings which will allow you to work through the specific modules of TOME based on your weaknesses with target exercises that will allow you to improve your level quickly and effectively with the help of numerous videos in the TOME online archives. 


2. Teaching you all aspects of painting:

TOME deals with YOUR ideas, level and goals. Helping you develop your own style to express yourself through your art in an impactful way. 


You will learn:

- How to identify & correct your painting weaknesses.

- How to FAST-TRACK your progress.

- What is holding you back, and how to change it.

- Effective methods to help you create & develop your own artistic style.

- How to create the “WOW” factor in your paintings.

- How to focus on the fundamentals to consistently paint great paintings.

- Why some artists progress and others don’t.

- How to develop your creativity and stand of from the crowd in exhibitions/competitions.

- People “love” your paintings, but aren’t buying? Learn why!

The goal with TOME is to pin point which habits are blocking your progress

and replace them with the right actions to get you on YOUR ideal track,

with YOUR ideal style to get YOUR ideal results. It is very simple.

​TOME is based on 4 fundamentals:

1. Identify all the habits that are currently hindering your progress. I will send you a personalized critique of your current paintings in the beginning of the program, that pinpoint exactly what habits are stopping you from getting the results you are after.

2. Use the target exercises in TOME to correct these habits and create new ones that ensure you progress in the right direction.

3. Develop the skills to be able to create your own style without copying the work or technique of other artists. This includes a simple method and checklist to help you self-analyze your work. This is a fabulous tool to help people who want to participate in exhibitions and competitions, as it will allow them to identify and correct any “errors” in their paintings before presenting their work, increasing their chances of getting selected, and selling for that matter.

4. Learn how you can keep progressing! There is no end point with painting, as long as you the person and your ideas evolve, so will your paintings. The goal will then be what to do with your art. Perhaps you want to start exhibiting your paintings, perhaps you already do but you would like to move on to professional exhibitions and/or competitions, or perhaps you would like to learn how you can increase the sales of your paintings. Perhaps you would like to start giving courses or get more students… The next challenge will be knowing which exhibitions are suited to your work, what pricing will work for you and how to sell and create interest and recognition around your work. 


Module 1 

Exercise 1: Tonal values are the backbone of painting. Improve your observation, drawing skills, tonal values and choice of shape.

Exercise 2: Tonal values in painting. This exercise will help you to improve your tonal values in watercolour FAST!

Exercise 3: Improve fluidity and transparency by mastering water-paint ratios. 

Exercise 4: Composition 1. Seeing and connecting the BIG shapes in your paintings. Creating and understanding composition and structure.

Module 2

Exercise 5: Composition 2. Learning to see problems within a composition. The golden chapter that takes your painting from good to great! How to make your paintings stand out of the crowd.

Module 3

Exercise 6: Atmosphere. How to choose the right ingredients to create the emotion and atmosphere you are looking for.

Exercise 7: Colour. The wonderful world of colour! How to use colour to create harmony, balance, strength and WOW viewers.


Module 4

Exercise 8: Gestures & brushwork. Get your hand, eye and mind aligned.  This module turns a good painter into a great artist!

Exercise 9: Create your own style. It is time to fly with your own wings. How to create your own style?

Exercise 10: Become your own judge. Learn how to judge what is working and what is not in your paintings so that you can progress continually.


Module 5.

Exercise 11: Who are you? Creating the artist.

Exercise 12: Selling paintings and winning awards requires creating a public image. Why would a buyer purchase your work above someone else’s? This is an essential point to master if you wish to create a long career.

Exercise 13: Learn how to read the market, staying one step ahead of the other artists.

Exercise 14: Which paintings to exhibit where and WHY? Good sales is all about putting the RIGHT painting in the RIGHT place, at the RIGHT price, at the RIGHT time! Easy huh???

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