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Method 6

Use your art to make others smile

Create a series of cards

Why not create a series of fun or beautiful cards that you can sell or give away to people?

You can even create a series of cards for a business considering its image, customer base, and goals. The possibilities here are enormous.

You can produce one or more series of cards, have them printed and sell them online or in stores. Everyone loves personalized cards, made with effort, thought and creativity. The possibilities are really massive with this sort of product, and it is a lot of fun !


I created a series of cards myself years ago as a way of expressing moments or thoughts that came to mind. Sometimes a spoken phrase or stolen moment can be better captured in a picture than in text. A picture is worth a thousand words, and sometimes a simple picture can really hit the spot, or just make someone smile, and it's worth it.

Wishing you were here.jpg

"Wishing you were here"

Perception is everything.jpg

"Perception is everything...or so they say"

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